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Up Deer Creek #3; More Craigville

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PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2010 2:12 pm    Post subject: Up Deer Creek #3; More Craigville Reply with quote

Up Deer Creek 3: More Craigville

In the last installment, I promised more Craigville buildings, and mentioned “Big Charlie’s” bar. In this article we’ll cover 3 of the odd structures that made for all the architectural character of this ghost town.

“Beer and a Hair Cut”

Two of this issue’s buildings have from doors inset into the face of the building. And neither of those have names! At least this bar has a unique feature: it was a barber shop!

The project began by laying out the front with the recessed doorway. Using Grandt Line windows, the two flanks of the doors were glued up.

A bar of .040” square Evergreen styrene was used to surmount the front windows. The gap for the door was measured out so that the door could be added next.

Once the window-door sub-assembly was dry, a sheet of the plastic was glued in place for the foundation of the rest of the false-front of the building.

The walls were prepared using black .030” sheet styrene. The Grandt Line 4-over-4 windows were trimmed down to be 2-over-two to more closely reflect the original windows. The mid-structure former was glued far enough back to allow for interior detailing in the future.

Several of the buildings in Craigville have the distinctive batten boards covering the seams in the omni-present black tarpaper walls. For this building, and for ‘Big Charlie’s below, Evergreen’s .010” x .020” strip was used. Other larger strips were added to the edges of the false-front to create the frame and cornice.

After the masking tape strips were applied to the roof, the whole model was painted gray, using acrylic paints. Another Fitger’s Beer sign was fashioned, with .012” brass wire used for the cables, a straight sewing pin for the main shaft and decals created on an ALPS 5000 decal printer.

In addition to being a bar, a lumberjack could get his “ears lowered” in the barber shop that was apparently in this building. A model of the advertising pole was made using a short length of plastic rod mounted between a pair of surplus hand-rail stanchions.

Logging Office and Warehouse

I call this one the ‘logging warehouse,’ since at least one wall had no doors or windows, and the prototype photo above, with the two log trucks, led me to the notion that it was an office and warehouse. This building also has a recessed front door, and the techniques used were very similar to those on the Barber Shop Bar above.

I started by cutting out all of the wall sections from .030” Evergreen clapboard, and roof sections from .030” smooth black plastic sheet.

The front windows began life as Grandt Line 6-over-6 pane windows. To more closely reflect the prototype, the lower mullions and horizontal mullion in the upper sashes were carefully removed using a brand-new #11 hobby blade. Pairs were glued together with a short strip between, and then mounted directly to the false-front panel. The diagonal windows are Grandt Lines 4-over-4 windows with all of the mullions removed.

The interior photo below shows that the reinforcing frame was opened up to provide a clearer view of the interior, and a reinforcing scrap of plastic glued under the door.

Once painted and weathered, the warehouse looked like this:

Big Charlie’s

The photographic record that I have thus far been able to uncover offers me 2 photos of this fascinating building. It has the ‘batten-over-tarpaper’ look, but the paint job shows that the building was well maintained. The proprietor or employees made good use of the classy window awnings, as the 2 photos in the WPA photograph collection show that these awnings were opened and closed as the sun progressed through the day.

Nothing too complex about this structure! As with most of the vernacular architecture in the logging frontier of northern Minnesota, the ‘charm’ is in the details. The battens added a lot, as did the trim boards framing the corners and edges of the eves. A couple dozen .030 styrene “cedar posts” were added to the bottom to keep ‘Big Charlie’s up out of the mud. The front steps were fabricated and added.

And details really jump started this model! A very similar beer sign to that used on the Barber Shop Bar was mounted, complete with the post for the supporting cable. The windows were all glazed with clear acetate plastic, and window shades cut from construction paper. Styrene plastic was glued into block and then shaped to represent the awnings. They were hand painted, which took some time! Finally a close examination of the photo above showed that there was some kind of additional annex on the south side of the building. This was fabricated using Evergreen HO carside and a quick flat roof.

One of my fellow modelers saw all six of the Craigville buildings, and commented – with a twinkle in his eye and smile on his face, that this was going to be one ugly town! It occurs to me that ugly, at least in this case, is in the eye of the beholder!

Wait ‘til you see the next building – it may be the oddest structure in Craigville!
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